"Men have always collected objects which captivated their fancy, and many of the most important private collections assembled by discriminating collectors have formed the nuclei of now famous national collections in museums of ethnographic material. The discriminating person can easily identify those objects which are genuine and have a ring of sincerity in them" J.W. Grossert

The images below showcase a collection of fine antique pieces of tribal art from South Africa and the greater African continent.

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1940's Ukhamba - Zulu Beer Pot 1940's Zulu Itemba 1950's Ubheshwana -Zulu Beaded Aprons 1960's Mfengu Beaded Anklets Abron Figure - Ivory Coast Amazipho - Warthog Tusk Zulu Necklace

Zulu Earplugs with Snuff Containers Bambara Tji-wara Headdress - Mali Dan Ceremonial Spoon - Ivory Coast Early 19th Century Udondolo - Zulu Walking Stick Ishungu - Zulu Snuff Containers Ishungu -Zulu Snuff Container with Snuff Spoon

Isiqhaza - Zulu Earplugs Ithunga - Zulu Milkpails Iwisa - Zulu Knobkerries Izigqiki - Zulu Headrest Izigqiki - Zulu Headrest Izigqiki - Zulu Headrest

Izigqiki - Zulu Headrest Izinkhezo - Zulu Sour Milk Spoons Mfengu & Thembu Tobacco Bags Mfengu Beaded Initiation Blanket Cape Mfengu Wood Necklace Thembu Beaded Collar

Toma Mask - Guinea Ugqoko - Double Bowl Meatplatters Ugqoko - Zulu Meatplatters Xhosa Pipes Yaure Mask - Ivory Coast Zulu Bravery Necklace