Established in 2002, Sikatonga Tribal Art is a South African tribal arts and crafts company and we are focused on the desires of the local and international market for unique, high quality South African tribal artefacts and locally handmade crafts.

Our main objectives are to offer our Clients:

- A wide ranging collection of late 19th century and mid 20th century South African tribal art pieces to the discerning collector;
- A selection of Master Crafter art pieces of high collectible interest;
- Authentic pieces of African tribal art, textiles and beadwork made for tribal use;
- A variety of hand-made South African crafts;
- A range of bespoke and locally crafted corporate gifts;
- Assistance in assembling corporate and private collections;
- Contemporary African interior decorating;
Founder – Pascale Schrader

Pascale Schrader is the founder of Sikatonga Tribal Art and has a deep love for handmade South African Crafts. She is an avid collector of high echelon tribal African art and has been collecting since the early 90's. Pascale was born in Mauritius in 1967 and immigrated with her family to South Africa, where they settled in Johannesburg. It was on Pascale's frequent visits to Durban from a young age that her interest and passion for African arts and crafts began.

Since the company's inception in 2002, Sikatonga Tribal Art continues to be committed to acquiring exceptional pieces of South African tribal artefacts and unique handmade Crafts. All the products on offer are made locally in South Africa and are of the highest quality. Made by master craftsmen, these products represent the richness and diversity of South Africa's craft heritage. Pascale is the sole curator for Sikatonga, which facilitates the creation of ongoing work and income generation for many rural crafters, established and emerging local artists. Along with our permanent staff compliment, Sikatonga contracts over 55 rural crafters countrywide on a regular basis. Sikatonga provides an outlet for promoting and marketing their products with a view to obtaining orders for the artists and crafters and in the process creating employment, empowering both men and women and above all giving communities hope.

Our Company ethos embraces the principles of respect and dignity for all, through the creation of meaningful work in communities who are victims of poverty, HIV/AIDS, poor education, crime and unemployment. These previously disadvantaged men and women bring in completed projects and collect new orders on a regular basis, enabling them to earn a living whilst looking after their families.

We ethically source crafts and trade them ensuring that the Crafters which we support have an ongoing sustainable income. Through this, Sikatonga can facilitate positive and ongoing change in their lives and in the most direct manner possible.

The number of artists and crafters supported by Sikatonga has grown significantly since the launch of the company in 2002.

Sikatonga Tribal Art brings the beauty of South Africa's craft heritage through reputable international shipping networks to a widespread global market.